A Lodge Determined To Make A Difference
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Charitable Donations & Sponsorships

Charitable Donations & Sponsorships

Donate to Charles H. Wesley Lodge No. 147

Charles H. Wesley Lodge No. 147 is committed to being a "Lodge Determined To Make A Difference" within Bowie and its surrounding communities. Your monetary and in-kind donations will go towards supporting the Lodge's community engagment and service projects, as well as the Lodge's academic scholarship fund.

Please click the Donate Now button below to make your charitable donation and thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity in supporting the mission of Charles H. Wesley Lodge No. 147, "A Lodge Determined To Make A Difference."

Tax Deductible Sponsorship of Charles H. Wesley Lodge No. 147

In an effort to elevate the Lodge's charitable initiatives, the Brothers of Charles H. Wesley Lodge No. 147 have partnered with S.H.A.D.E.S of Beauty (S.O.B.), a 501c3 Foundation. This new partnership now affords the Lodge the ability to increase our scholarship and charitable endeavors, as we are now able to receive tax deductible donations from our sponsorship partners through the Foundation. As we continually strive to be, "A Lodge Determined To Make A Difference," we humbly ask that you please partner with us in this most important work. Again, all donations are tax deductible through the Foundation.

Your generous contributions will help us in our continued efforts in providing charitable support to local scholarships and other civic initiatives to include supplying food baskets, clothing and other necessities to families and individuals in need.

PayPal Fee Notice

Online donations and sponsorships are subject to an approximate 3% (2.89% + .49) PayPal fee when processed and that amount is deducted from the total donation amount. If you would like to include an additional 3% so that we can receive your entire gift, use this handy PayPal Fee Calculator to calculate the additional amount. Thank you!