A Lodge Determined To Make A Difference
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Our Leadership and Lodge

Our Leadership

Master of the Lodge

Worshipful Master Duron J. Haynesworth

Elected Officers

Senior Warden Robert W. Cooper
Junior Warden Deron G. Pittman, I
Secretary Lawrence J. Mercer
Treasurer Shon L. Bowe

Appointed Officers

Senior Deacon Phillip Ludd
Junior Deacon Marlon E. Selmon
Senior Steward Tavar D. Smith
Junior Steward Gregory Stotts
Chaplain Emerson D. Sanchez ll
Marshal Brian C. Tillman
Tyler W. Bryan Simmons
Assistant Secretary Oliver J. Minall
Assistant Treasurer Vacant
Assistant Chaplain Vacant

Past Masters

Past Masters
1983-1984 Dwight G. Reynolds
1985-1986 Milton A. Jews
1990-1991 Silas A. Butler, Jr.
1991-1992 Charles A. Guilford, II
1992-1993 George T. Austin
1993-1994 Charles E. Gould
1994-1995 Walter L. Turner, Jr.
1995-1996 Barnabus D. Sewell
1996-1997 Stanley E. Jordan, Sr.
1996-1997 Robert Ward 🏆
1997-1998 Ronald H. Crump
1998-1999 Charles E. Moore
1999-2000 Charles A. Guilford, II
2000-2001 Donald A. Bell, Sr.
2001-2002 Eddie L. Johnson
2002-2003 Francis L. Riddick, Jr.
2003-2004 Jonathan E. Norris
2003-2004 Matthew A. Moore
2004-2005 Howard L. Sewell
2005-2006 Willard N. Beach, Jr.
2006-2007 Michael V. Carter
2007-2008 Eddie L. Johnson
2008-2009 Ronald H. Crump
2009-2010 Matthew A. Moore
2010-2011 Dennis L. Scott
2011-2012 Kirk Drumming
2012-2013 Joseph E. Bowe
2013-2014 Jock D. Jones
2014-2015 Joseph E. Bowe
2015-2016 Raymond (Ray) G. Fefee, III
2016-2017 Raymond (Ray) G. Fefee, III
2017-2018 Byron J. Harris
2018-2019 Bryce A. Gaylor

Roscoe C. Cartwright Lodge No. 129

Morning Star Lodge No. 44

🏆 Honorary


Regional Officers

District Officers

District Deputy Grand Master, 4th Masonic DistrictWillard N. Beach, Jr.
Protocol Officer, 4th Masonic DistrictJoseph E. Bowe
Secretary, 4th Masonic DistrictKirk Drumming

2019-2020 Membership (Non-Officers)

Membership (Non-Officers)
Bell, Sr.Past Master Donald A.
BennettBrother Billy R.
Blackwell-BeyBrother Donald E.
Booth, JrBrother Harry J.
Brown, Jr.Brother James A.
Callender-BrittoBrother Frank J.
CampbellBrother Mark D.
CanadyBrother Mel L.
CharlesBrother Tedrose
ClarkeBrother Daryl A.
CobbBrother Justin
CrumpPast Master Ronald H.
DeVantierBrother Justin M.
Faruq, SrBrother El Tashik U.
Fefee, IIIPast Master Raymond (Ray) G.
FitzhughBrother Dontre
Garner, Sr.Brother Charles (Charlie) A.
GaskinsBrother Royal O.
GaylorPast Master Bryce A.
Gee, Jr.Brother Ronald L.
GersabeckBrother Edward A.
GreenBrother Brian A.
Guilford, IIPast Master Charles A.
Hawkins, Jr.Brother Raymond (Ray)
HenryBrother Karl O.
HillBrother Anthony
HillBrother Raymond
Hill, Jr.Brother Ronald (Ron)
Holloway, JrBrother James
HollyBrother Byron
HuntBrother Ken L.
JewsPast Master Milton (Tony) A.
JohnsonBrother Obadiah V.
JohnsonBrother Wayne A.
JohnsonPast Master Eddie L.
JonesPast Master Jock D.
JordanBrother Carl P.
Jordan, Sr.Past Master Stanley (Stan) E.
Knight, Jr.Brother Clarence E.
LeakBrother Derrick
LesaneBrother Lonnie L.
MattocksBrother Derk
McCormickBrother Julian C.
NedabBrother Dorsey I.
ParkerBrother Kevin T.
PerrineBrother Albert (Al)
PetersBrother Randy
PrattBrother Stephen E.
PurvisBrother Maurice B.
ReynoldsBrother Leon R.
RiddickBrother Francis L.
SchwartzBrother Sean
ScottBrother Reginald (Reg) B.
ScottPast Master Dennis L.
SewellPast Master Barnabus D.
SewellPast Master Howard L.
SimsBrother Antoine
SingletonBrother Marcus
TanguepBrother Aurelien
TerryBrother Ronald
Troy, Sr.Brother Donnell D.
Turner, Jr.Brother Walter L.
WardPast Master Robert
White, IIPast Master Laurent A.
White, JrBrother Robert (Rob) L.
WilliamsBrother Keith B.
WilliamsBrother Kenneth A.
WrennBrother Eugene G.