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Called From Labor

Prince Hall Cemetary

Called From Labor
Solemn strikes the fun′ral chime, Notes of our departing time; As we journey here below, Through a pilgrimage of woe! Mortals now indulge a tear, For mortality is near! See how wide her trophies wave O′er the slumbers of the grave! Here another guest we bring––Seraphs of celestial wing, To our fun′ral Altar come, Waft this friend and brother home. Lord of all! below––above––Fill our hearts with truth and love; When dissolves our earthly tie, Take us to Thy Lodge on high.
--David Vinton

In Memoriam

No Lodge should neglect to keep in touch with its Masonic Widows. Each Lodge Member should show concern that demonstrates his fidelity to the Obligations he took upon himself to aid and assist our Widows and Orphans.

Past Master George T. Austin Mrs. Bernice Austin
Past Master Silas A. Butler, Jr. Mrs. Helen Butler
Bro. Sam Carter, Sr. Mrs. Dawn Carter
Bro. James W. Cooper Mrs. Barbara Cooper
Past Master Ronald H. Crump Mrs. Barbara Crump
Bro. Samuel Crump Mrs. Nancy Crump
Past Master Kirk Drumming Mrs. Sarah Drumming
Past Master Charles E. Gould Mrs. Jeanette Gould
Bro. Hilton Green, Jr. Mrs. Janis Green
Bro. Karl O. Henry None
Bro. Gregory Jackson None
Past Master Eddie Johnson Mrs. Dyanna Johnson
Past Master Charles E. Moore Mrs. Joyce Moore
Bro. McKenny O. Spencer Mrs. Deborah Spencer
Bro. Royce Thomas None
Past Master Robert Ward Mrs. Mary Ward